I'm checking in butler changes related to RFC-184

I’m about to check in the changes to butler described in RFC-184. The related story is https://jira.lsstcorp.org/browse/DM-6459 (productize Repository Refactor), and this code also implements https://jira.lsstcorp.org/browse/DM-5548 (persistence improvements to butler config system). The implementation deviated a little from what was described in the RFC, especially with regard to the Configuration. The new overall architecture is described in https://ldm-463.lsst.io/v/draft/

The Butler API code is fully backward compatible (or it shoud be, let me know if you run into issues. The butler framework internals have changed a lot. I’ve fixed the issues that I was able to find using Jenkins. The affected packages are:

  • pipe_tasks
  • obs_decam
  • daf_persistence
  • daf_butlerUtils

If you experience issues you should rebase to get the latest Butler changes. If you have code on a branch that uses butler internal code and need help getting it fixed up let me know.

it’s checked in now.