In DECam data reduction, I faced a FileNotFoundError in "Ingest Raw Images" step


I have initiated DECam data reduction by adhering to the guidelines provided in this tutorial: The Gen3 workflow — LSST Science Pipelines

I faced an error when I ran this code
: pipetask run -b REPO -i DECam/raw/all -o DECam/raw/crosstalk-sources -p $CP_PIPE_DIR/pipelines/DarkEnergyCamera/RunIsrForCrosstalkSources.yaml --register-dataset-types

This is an error message: FileNotFoundError: Not enough datasets (0) found for non-optional connection (camera) with minimum=1 for quantum data ID {instrument: ‘DECam’, detector: 1, exposure: 516081, …}.

I speculate that the error might have been due to the fact that I skipped executing line B and only ran line A.
line A: butler ingest-raws REPO /path/to/raw/science/.fits.fz --transfer link
line B: butler ingest-raws REPO /path/to/raw/calibs/
.fits.fz --transfer link

Since I only possess the original image and lack a bias, flat image, I was unable to run line B.

*As a trial, I ran the process with 3 files of r filter.

Being my first attempt, I am uncertain if I have stated my query correctly. Any corrections or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you run the butler write-curated-calibrations line? That will register the camera dataset.

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You will also need the image calibrations (flats, bias etc) otherwise you will not be able to run single frame processing.

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Thank you for replying.

Yes, I realized that I had not included any calibration files, so I attempted to download these files.

However, I could not find any file corresponding to the raw file in the NOIRLAB astro data archive.

For example, In NOIRLAB astro data archive, I set a coordinate (104.611, -55.948) and filter(r DECam SDSS c0002 6415.0 1480.0) and instrument(ct4m, decam) only.

Among the raw files, I found only object files. I don’t believe that flat and bias files are categorized under ‘instcal’. Therefore, it appears that there are no matching flat and bias files for the specific raw object file.

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You are going to need to either construct the flats and biases yourselves or else find some valid ones from somewhere. If you are bringing in external flats/biases you have to be careful that they match the form expected by the LSST science pipelines. Maybe @lskelvin can give you some pointers.

See also this post and the discussion about Merian:

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Thank you for providing such informative tutorial page!

Fortunately, I resolved the issue using the information from this community page:

I only had to change two things:

  1. As you advised, I used the following command to input the zero(bias) and flat(dome flat) data (which I had downloaded from an archive): butler ingest-raws REPO /path/to/raw/calibs/*.fits.fz --transfer link

  2. I appended “,/DECam/calib” right after “DECam/raw/all” in the following command:
    Before: pipetask run -b REPO -i DECam/raw/all -o DECam/raw/crosstalk-sources -p $CP_PIPE_DIR/pipelines/DarkEnergyCamera/RunIsrForCrosstalkSources.yaml --register-dataset-types
    After: pipetask run -b REPO -i DECam/raw/all,DECam/calib -o DECam/raw/crosstalk-sources -p $CP_PIPE_DIR/pipelines/DarkEnergyCamera/RunIsrForCrosstalkSources.yaml --register-dataset-types

I will continue to follow the tutorial page that you provided.

Thank you for your help.

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