Install failure with and eups distrib

(Michael Jarvis) #21

I guess this is a bug in SCons that it fails when “files” are actually directories. These directories aren’t empty (as it was for one of the links you pointed us to). But I think earlier versions of SCons didn’t recursively install the files in the directory. I forget if it just wrote an empty directory or didn’t do anything with directories.

So to install the subdirectories, I added explicit install commands for the three subdirectories. It looks like a solution here that doesn’t involve hacking SCons would be to add the lines


after the glob.glob('*') line in share/SConscript in GalSim.

I can do this on the releases/1.5 branch and cut a new GalSim 1.5.3 if that would be helpful. Of course, there are now version 1.6 and 2.0, so I’m not sure if it is better to just do this on those branches and upgrade to one of those.

(Craig Lage) #22

It doesn’t really matter to me. My concern was getting the DM stack loaded for things other than GalSim, so with my hack I’ve solved my immediate problem. The latest DM stack uses GalSim 1.6.0, so it seems like getting that one working should be the highest priority.

(Michael Jarvis) #23

I released a bugfix version in all of these recent lines with this change. 1.5.3, 1.6.1, and 2.0.3 all have this fix in place.

(Paul Price) #24

You might also try using a local filesystem or a real cluster filesystem rather than NFS.