Installing syseng_throughputs in conda environment?

Hi, I’ve installed rubin_sim through conda (as per the steps on the github page), and am looking to run some tests with the new filter throughputs via the syseng_throughputs package. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to import it (“No module named ‘syseng_throughputs’”), and following the pip install -e . step on the associated github page doesn’t seem to do anything for this. Any tips for making my environment recognise the syseng_throughputs package? Thanks in advance!

Ok! The syseng_throughputs repo is an additional repository here : GitHub - lsst-pst/syseng_throughputs: SysEng-approved LSST throughput information which you would also need to clone and then just pip install -e . into your rubin-sim environment. Most people don’t need the syseng_throughputs repo, just the throughputs files that come with rubin_sim_data, so we don’t have additional instructions on that by default. Sorry for any confusion.

(edit - note that the new filter throughputs and combined throughput curves are also available in rubin_sim_data, if you do rs_download_data after installing rubin_sim.)