Introduction of a new disperser introduce an error when using the butler

The last disperser for AuxTel , the hologram has just been introduced in the telescope last night.
Following the instruction of Merlin, I am using the stack version 2021_02.

I wanted to access to the images through the Butler for the night of 2021-02-16.



NotFoundError Traceback (most recent call last)
/opt/lsst/software/stack/stack/miniconda3-py37_4.8.2-cb4e2dc/Linux64/obs_lsst/21.0.0-8-g85d4038+160bc46fd9/python/lsst/obs/lsst/ in std_raw(self, item, dataId, filter)
456 try:
–> 457 filt = afwImage.Filter(obsInfo.physical_filter)
458 except LookupError:

File “src/image/”, line 335, in static int lsst::afw::image::Filter::_lookup(const string&, bool)
Unable to find filter empty~holo4_003 {0}
lsst::pex::exceptions::NotFoundError: ‘Unable to find filter empty~holo4_003’

So one has to add the key name “empty~holo4_003” in the file “src/image/”

I would like to know if there is a quick way for a user like me to make a fast correction for myself, before
this correction would be introduced officially later in a new stack version ?

Many thanks for your advice.

Sylvie Dagoret-Campagne

This was expected, and discussed at e.g. the CAP meeting on 2021-02-16 and on the slack auxtel channels.
The solution is to add the disperser to lsst_obs, but it wasn’t considered a priority on the day before the run started.