Invitation to become a DP0 delegate and prepare for LSST science

Rubin Observatory’s Data Preview 0 (DP0), which serves simulated LSST-like data products in an early version of the Rubin Science Platform (RSP), continues to go well. This message invites anyone with Rubin data rights to submit a request to become a DP0 delegate.

Request form:

This form will stay open as long as there is space for new DP0 delegates.

I put more detailed information below, and please do not hesitate to reply in this thread or send a direct message to @MelissaGraham if you have any questions.

Who should NOT use this form?

  • Individuals who do not have Rubin data rights.
  • Current DP0 delegates who can already log in at
  • Rubin Observatory staff.

What is Data Preview 0 (DP0)?
To help prepare the community for science with the Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), DP0 enables data rights holders to access and analyze simulated LSST-like data in the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) on a shared-risk basis. Learn more about DP0 and the RSP at

What is a “DP0 delegate”?
A Rubin data rights holder who has been allocated an RSP account for access to the DP0 data sets. The term reflects how delegates represent the science community as learners; provide feedback to Rubin Observatory about the RSP; and share what they learn with their colleagues, students, and advisors. Find details about the learning resources for delegates in the DP0 Delegate Homepage.

Who can be a delegate and participate in DP0?
Anyone with Rubin data rights. All scientists and students affiliated with an institution in the US and Chile have data rights, as well as scientists and students who are named as data rights holders by an International In-kind Contribution Program.

How many DP0 delegates are there?
There are currently 500 delegates, and space for 100 more. The number of DP0 delegates is limited to 600 due to the Rubin pre-operations team’s limited scope in providing support for data products, software, and services that are still in development. This limit will increase for future data previews until, at least by the start of Rubin Observatory Operations, all data rights holders may have RSP accounts.