Invitation to the imSim Welcome Session

Hi All,

I wanted to invite everyone across the community to attend our session on imSim and possibly contribute. The session is designed to be open and welcoming to everyone who would like to learn about and maybe even contribute to imSim. You can find more details below.

imSim: Introduction and Opportunities

In this session, we will introduce the imSim software package to the rest of the Rubin community including its features, inputs for simulating exposures, and its ability to specify details of the optical system. The goal of the session is for Rubin community members to understand how they can use imSim for their own research and also to broaden the development team. imSim is a software package that simulates the Rubin Observatory and LSST survey. It produces simulated images from the 3.25 Gigapixel camera which are suitable to be processed through the Rubin Data Management pipeline. imSim produced the simulated exposures used in the DESC DC2 data challenge, and is the basis for the DP0 Data Set used by the wider Rubin Science community. imSim is open source software and its development is overseen in the DESC. Its development so far has been driven by DESC science and Rubin Commissioning needs, but we welcome feature requests and especially developers from other science collaborations who are interested in contributing features to imSim outside of the scope and expertise of the current team. The developers will discuss upcoming features and will also be available to discuss possible extensions with the rest of the Rubin community. If other science collaboration members would like to contribute development effort and have ideas for new features they would like to work on, please contact the session organizer ahead of time and we can arrange to present them and have a group discussion during the session.