JIRA bot change in Slack - notice

Due to popular hate (and a change in their business model) we are going to remove nextup jira and linkify using our in-house sqrbot. We don’t have much effort to throw at this, so we are taking the easy route and linkfication will happen as a response just so:

We are going to fulfil the request for title and status to follow and that’s pretty much all you can expect for now. If you want this change as is in your rooms, invite sqrbot and boot our nextup-jira from your room. I will post in this thread when title and status are available; and if @brianv0 signs off, when nextup-jira is completely removed.

Many thanks. All hail the helpful and pleasantly unobtrusive SQuaRE Bot.

How do we invite sqrbot into a new room?

sqrbot needs to be invited to each channel manually, I think. You can follow these directions: https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/articles/201980108-Invite-team-members-to-a-channel

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