July 2018 Update

Hi all!

The call for white papers went out at the end of last month / start of this month, and I’ve been seeing it passing around the science collaborations and on social media. Thanks for spreading the news! The link for the call is https://www.lsst.org/call-whitepaper-2018 – or http://ls.st/c66 for a shortened version.

A few collaborations have talked to us with questions or describing their plans for white papers - it’s certainly not necessary to let us know about plans for submitting white papers but it’s nice to know about the activity. As a reminder, you can get in touch here on community.lsst.org (CLO) or via email at lsst-survey-strategy@lists.lsst.org. I’d especially like to encourage discussions here on CLO, as that way you can engage the general community as well.

Behind the scenes here at UW and in Tucson, we’ve been busy

  • extending our documentation (check out https://sims-maf.lsst.io/ … and look into the linked tutorials)
  • identifying a few additional simulated surveys to create (we’ll make a simulation where visits are 1x30s instead of 2x15s – i.e. ‘no snaps’),
  • and working on the software design for updates to the feature based scheduler (our future version of the scheduling code) and in particular it’s interaction with the actual operational software at the telescope (the Scheduler CSC)


Also please note deadline to apply for the LSST Cadence Hackathon at the Flatiron Institute is fast approaching (July 20)! This workshop is intended to be an opportunity for groups across the whole of LSST to work together to determine optimal cross-cutting survey strategies.
Details and application form are at http://ow.ly/k2h030kYVcu

And for a pretty cool video of the telescope mount assembly moving … check out https://gallery.lsst.org/bp/#/folder/2943691/77118820