Keeping DM and the community updated with new Stack features

That’s a good point Nate. On one hand, ‘The New Docs’ will help a lot since it should be possible to read up and try out tutorials whenever new things come online (assuming we can develop the docs at the same pace as the code). On the other hand, I hope that when new things are pushed into the stack, authors will take a moment to write about the new features on this forum, particularly in the DM Notifications category. On top of that, it may be useful to have occasional DM Tech Talk presentations broadcast over the web when a big new feature is merged.

From my point of view, the more “what’s new in the LSST Stack” that we can put on the open web for the astronomy community, the better.

But before that, all of us new hires would immensely benefit from a bootcamp just to get us current with the stack. So thanks for initiating this @ktl!

What you said is sort of what I was thinking. But maybe more than just a “here is how you call this code” sort of thing. It would be useful to me, and possibly other if it was a large concept like talk. What is I mean is this. If is supposed to be similar to stack exchange, we could do something like TED presentations. This could be “here is how you use this” but ideally it would be something more like here is a conceptual presentation of how the algorithm works, and any issues we came across, or limitations of the method, and how this fits in with the big picture of LSST. It is a lot easier to read through code and figure out the small things like calling order and such if there I have a sense of what the code is trying to do, rather than have someone just explain an interface to me.