Large PhoSim simulated survey of images #1

A very large simulated set of images for the Rubin observatory/LSST is now publicly available at:

Muhammed Saleem and Akhtar Mahmood at Bellarmine University are running a massive amount of PhoSim simulations on their resources and the open science grid. The data continues to accumulate at the above URL. This first simulated survey is based on a single pointing with a series of exposures with a realistic set of observing conditions and observing configurations (e.g. filters) with repeatable galaxies and stars. The full truth catalogs are also available. The simulations use PhoSim v5.1 which includes some of the most recent major upgrades (galaxy morphology, opto-mechanical physics for optics, electrostatic physics for sensors, etc.) and more details can be found at the PhoSim website (

Have fun,