LINCC Tech Talks series starting October 13, 2022

The LINCC Frameworks team is starting a Tech Talks series that is likely to be of interest to IDAC providers. From Neven Caplar:

We’re very happy to announce a new monthly LINCC Tech Talks series. Delivered virtually every second Thursday of the month at 10am Pacific (1pm ET, 2pm Chile, 7pm CET) LINCC Tech Talks and demos will showcase work done by the broad Rubin software and archives community that’s designed to enable LSST science. We hope it will provide a forum for a range of groups and authors to present, learn about, and discuss efforts of interest to analysis of LSST data.For more details & schedule, please continue reading our Community post.We’re also looking forward to the first tech talk of the series:

When: Thursday, October 13th, 10am Pacific
Zoom: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Topic: “LINCC Frameworks Projects in Yr1: from bulk-data formats to photo-z testbeds” (J. Kubica et al.) where we will be providing an overview of the LINCC Frameworks team, our current projects, and how collaborators can join these efforts.

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