Link in not working

(Johannct) #1

Hello, if I follow the link ( provided in the Comments, it does not point anymore to the relevant info.

(Tim Jenness) #2

I may be missing something but I don’t see the bad link in the ApJ paper at

(K-T Lim) #3

The bad link is in the “Comments” field at the bottom of that abstract.

(Tim Jenness) #4

Which itself comes from the comment field that @ivezic used when he submitted it to arXiv at That’s why I couldn’t find it in the document. @ivezic is intending top update the Arxiv version to match the ApJ version so I hope he’ll fix this (the full res images are now in the ApJ version; arXiv has a size limit that caused him to use smaller images).

(Johannct) #5

ok thanks for the precisions.

(Zeljko Ivezic) #6

The redirect on the lsst website is broken (working on it). Thanks for letting us know!
And we also need to update arXiv version with the ApJ version! Will do.