Live meeting/session notes

For things like the IAU session notes currently in HipChat, I wonder if there’s some good way to consolidate a bunch of posts into one. Alternatives would seem to be:

  1. One big post saved at the end. Pro: readable. Con: lose the live aspect.
  2. Lots of short posts. Pro: live, can have conversations. Con: Hard to read afterwards.
  3. Lots of short posts with summary manually generated and posted later (with “top pinning”?). Con: duplicate info, takes effort.
  4. One big post with a post/edit/re-post cycle during the session. Con: Hard to do conversations pointing to specific things.

I don’t know the answer to this, but I’d be interested in trying different workflows at Bremerton.

My thought it that live chat of sessions should stay on HipChat because no one really has time during talks to write coherent sentences. After the session, someone could export that conversation and archive it into (this is like conferences that post a Storify page of tweets using their hashtag). People who weren’t following on HipChat could then start asynchronous discussions in that Discourse thread. If someone is feeling ambitious, they could optionally edit the HipChat log to make it easier to read and substantiate details.

That said, I can’t figure out how to export a selection of chat history out of HipChat. @frossie, is it possible for a mere mortal to get data out of HipChat?