LSST Demo and Talks for SC17?

LSST has the opportunity to demonstrate topics and functionality relevant to our project to a large crowd of NSF-funded, DOE-funded and industry organizations at Super Computing in Nov 2017. Demos and discussions tend to focus on pushing-the-tech/science-boundary, for example, last year’s demo supported by NCSA et al included visualization of data created on Blue Waters and streamed at 100Gb/s to the showroom floor.

I am soliciting ideas from the community for what we might present within the NCSA booth at SC17 (without significant scope increase, if that’s even reasonable). PDAC functional demonstrations? Impressive, on-the-spot Qserv queries? Animated displays? Facade alert production?

This idea-discovery is open to more than just DM. Let me know if you are interested in participating in the planning or presenting.


Can you please add this meeting to the DM Meetings confluence page? I know November is a ways off but it’s nice to have future items on there for planning purposes.

Done. 12345678901234567890 (20 character min reply)

I’ve changed the forum settings so that you no longer need to do this.


David Wheeler is working with Fabio to define a meaningful demonstration of networking supporting connectivity between the LSST Data Facility and CC-IN2P3.