Lsst-dev “shared stack” updated following various tickets

The “shared stack” on lsst-dev has been refreshed to incorporate changes to the underlying Conda environment captured on various tickets (RFC-693, DM-24746, DM-24758, DM-24907). In addition, this updated version is stricter about only allowing Conda to install packages from the conda-forge channel, which should make dependency management in cloned environments simpler.

The new stack can be found at /software/lsstsw/stack_20200515. It currently provides weekly w_2020_19 and later of lsst_distrib and w_2020_20 and later of lsst_sims. It will be updated with new weeklies as they become available.

/software/lsstsw/stack/ will always be symlink to the latest shared stack.

Refer to the Developer Guide for further details.

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