Lsst-dev “shared stack” updated for RFC-679

The “shared stack” on lsst-dev has been refreshed so that it is now based on the new Conda environment introduced on RFC-679. The new stack can be found at /software/lsstsw/stack_20200504 . It currently contains weekly w_2020_18 of lsst_distrib, and will be updated with new weeklies as they become available. It also contains the following additional packages in the Conda environment:

  • panel
  • holoviews
  • hvplot
  • bokeh
  • pyviz_comms
  • fastparquet
  • numba
  • datashader
  • pyct
  • dask-jobqueue
  • snappy
  • cx_Oracle
  • ipdb

/software/lsstsw/stack will always be a symlink to the latest stack.

Refer to the Refer to the Developer Guide for further details.

When I try to setup git_lfs with the new stack, I get an error that there is no acceptable version. The developer guide does not say anything has changed. What is the current procedure?

I think git-lfs is now part of the conda environment so doesn’t need to be setup by eups.

Tim is right, of course, and the Developer Guide is wrong. I’ll fix it.


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