`lsst_sims` 2.3.4 available via `eups distrib install`

There is a new version of lsst_sims available via eups distrib install. This version is python 3 compliant. To install it, run either

eups distrib install lsst_sims -t sims


eups distrib install lsst_sims -t sims_2_3_4

The DM part of this stack is built against version 13.0. lsst_sims is not yet compatible with pybind11, which DM recently adopted as their tool for wrapping C++ into python (they formerly to use SWIG). The next version of lsst_sims ought to be pybind11 compatible, as well.

Note: this stack will not work if you have an astropy version > 1.2. Hopefully the next version of lsst_sims will be compatible with astropy 1.3.


There is now a release available. Changes relative to 2.3.4 include:

  • pybind11 compatible (though this version is still built against v 13 of the DM stack, which is pre-pybind11)

  • astropy 1.3 compatible

  • sim_survey_fields is included as a component of lsst_sims

  • sims_GalSimInterface has been updated with some PSF work recently done by the DESC Survey Simulations working group (https://github.com/lsst/sims_GalSimInterface/pull/30)

Note: you can also now run eups distrib install sims_operations -t sims and get sims_operations version 3.3.8 (the last release) built against lsst_sims 2.3.4.

As always, eups distrib install lsst_apps -t sims will get you an lsst_apps install that is consistent (DM v 13) with lsst_sims.

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