Lsst_sims version 2.3.5 available via `eups distrib install`

eups distrib install lsst_sims -t sims will now get you version 2.3.5 of the lsst_sims stack.

Changes since version 2.3.4:

sims_movingObjects is no longer a part of lsst_sims. If you want to install sims_movingObjects, you will have to run eups distrib install sims_movingObjects -t sims. This means that lsst_sims no longer depends on oorb or gfortran.

sims_catUtils now includes a model for M, L, and T dwarf flares. This is accessible from the VariabilityStars mixin in


imported with

from lsst.sims.catUtils.mixins import VariabilityStars

Various plot- and movie-generating scripts in sims_maf are now python 3 compatible.

Note: You still need to make sure that your ~.astropy/config/astropy.cfg file has log_to_file=False in order for the build to pass. This will hopefully be fixed in the next release.

This version is built against the weekly tag w.2017.18 of the DM stack.

Note that this distribution is now compatible with numpy 1.12 (while v13.0 was not).

An updated version has been issued. The only change is that one of the unit tests in sims_alertsim which suffers from a race condition has been marked as an expectedFailure. If you have successfully installed version 2.3.5, you do not need to do anything. If your installation failed on sims_alertsim, try eups distrib install lsst_sims -t sims again.