LSST-WFIRST stellar populations

The upcoming WFIRST Science Working Group (FSWG) has this theme: “A focus for the next FSWG meeting is the synergy between WFIRST and LSST, including understanding how WFIRST science can leverage the national investment in LSST, building bridges between the science communities of WFIRST and LSST, and to help WFIRST scientists engage with the LSST process for Deep Drilling Field and minisurvey field selection and planning.” There are a number of LSST scientists participating.

I’ve been asked to participate in the discussion of “stellar populations” on behalf of our collaboration. Does anyone in our collaboration have any ideas or suggestions?

References to read would be welcome too.



Thanks for doing this John. In case it’s helpful, I gave a talk at the LSST Community Workshop last year on “The LSST WFIRST Connection”. Slides 12 - 23 of the presentation linked below were on the topic of resolved stars. I tried to highlight some general science themes and also to summarize ways that WFIRST could make LSST even stronger. Of course, there are also many things that LSST will do much better than WFIRST.


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