March 2019 update

Hello fellow survey strategists,

Over the last few months, the SAC has been thinking deeply on the submitted white papers, as have we on the project side. While the SAC is still deliberating and looking into a few specific questions (mainly looking for clarifications about galactic plane coverage, but also a few other odds and ends), their report should be available in April (this will be public).

In the meantime, I’ve talked a bit about the overall requests from the white papers … here’s one version of this overview:

Peter Yoachim has implemented some VERY PRELIMINARY experiments with requests from some of the white papers … you can see some of the setups he’s working on here, with their outputs available at in similarly-named directories. We still have some bookkeeping enhancements to do on our end before these are ready to become fully distributed, but they will be re-run with these updates and put online with MAF results at in the next few weeks.

Additional next steps include expanding the metrics run on each simulation. Along with this, we’ll be working with you all to incorporate these updates into the COSEP, including the text and metrics from the white papers.

  • Lynne
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