Microlensing with LSST

Dear Colleagues,

We have been gathering a group to both explore the potential, and advocate
for microlensing science from LSST. Some of you have already been active
participants in the Microlensing Subgroup. Others have previously
expressed an interest in this topic, and we are contacting you to inquire
whether you are willing and able to contribute to our science collaboration.
Our most immediate goal is to write a White Paper by early 2018.

The LSST Project have indicated that they expect to issue a call for White
Papers outlining proposals for Deep Drilling Field surveys around December
2017, to be due around April 2018. A subsequent call (~Oct 2018) is
expected for minisurvey proposals, due around February 2019.

These proposals are expected to take a particular form, and, in addition
to the science case, are expected to indicate suitable metrics and the
parameters of Operational Simulations (“OpSims”) which will then be run to
test alternative observing strategies. Please note this is distinct from
the Main Survey cadence document, though it recommended further study of the
cadence on behalf of several topics.

Our work will be conducted within the Microlensing Subgroup of the
Transients and Variable Stars (TVS) Science Collaboration, with strong
cross-over with the Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume Science Collaboration.
We encourage you to participate in these groups, and you can find more
information about them at:

If you can please respond to this note by 15 July, we will establish a
forum through which we can continue to communicate, and will also
schedule meetings.

With best wishes,

Rosanne Di Stefano (TVS-Microlensing Subgroup lead)
Rachel Street (TVS Chair, Microlensing subgroup deputy)

Dear Rosanne and Rachel,

Great to hear that this is being put together - please count me in.

Best wishes,


Great to have you with us, Eamon! Are you on the LSST Slack team? It’ll be the primary means of messaging. I tried to add you to the microlensing Slack channel but I couldn’t find you in the system. Also are you a member of the TVS or Milky Way Science Collaborations?
All the best,

Thanks Rachel. I still need to join Slack - I think I have the info so I’ll sort that out. I’m in the TVS Collaboration at the moment. Cheers, Eamonn.

I am interested. Will you please add me to the slack channel? And I will sign up for the collaborations.

Sure, of course. You should have received an invitation through Slack now