More prominent display for topics with new posts

Greetings from the chief nitpicker.

Is there a way to make topics with new replies more visually prominent (in the topic list shown when one visits the site)? Right now, new topics (and topics with new replies) are distinguished by a small ‘X new…’ text added to the topic title. These are easy to miss, when just glancing (for me).

Would it be possible/desirable to make topics with new content stand out a bit more (e.g., have a different background, or different font color)?

Isn’t the “New” display more optimal for that?

It’s not quite the same – two buttons that need to be clicked (as discourse differentiates between new and unread):

(it’s definitely not a big deal, I was just hoping there’s a 30-second CSS fix that might do it…).

On an unrelated topic, I managed to paste (CTRL-V) the screenshot above in Chrome, but it doesn’t work in Safari. Looks like it’s a known issue.

Too bad, that was an awesome feature on HipChat.