New configurations for AstrometryTask source and reference selectors

With the merger of DM-18643 (implementing RFC-589), the configuration options for single-frame astrometry (AstrometryTask) have changed. This fixes various bugs where (a) selections of the reference catalog were performed only in some modes of operation; and (b) multiple conflicting selections of the source catalog could be performed in some modes of operation. All obs package defaults have been updated to reflect the new changes. You will only need to worry about these changes if you have overridden the obs package defaults.

In summary, the following changes have been made:

  • Source selectors have been removed from the matcher tasks MatchPessimisticBTask and MatchOptimisticBTask.
  • The source selection is now handled consistently by the AstrometryTask or RefMatchTask. Furthermore, source selection only happens once, rather than being repeated for each iteration of the match-and-fit-loop.
  • Reference selection is also handled by AstrometryTask or RefMatchTask.
  • The source selector and reference selector in the AstrometryTask and RefMatchTask are called sourceSelector and referenceSelector, replacing the old sourceSelection and referenceSelection (both of which were inconsistently applied).
  • Note that the sourceSelector is a sourceSelectorRegistry so should be set by applying (e.g.) = "science" rather than the old config.sourceSelection = ScienceSourceSelectorTask.
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