New developer guide: accommodating the login-required NCSA content?

One of the products I’m working towards launching soon is a new DM Developer Guide based on reStructuredText/Sphinx (as opposed to Confluence).

I’ve noticed that everything having to do with NCSA development servers is currently set to be viewable only by those logged into LSST’s Confluence. This even includes the on-boarding checklist.

The new generation of Sphinx-based docs, being served as static sites, cannot accommodate password protected pages. Our ethos is to be open. This is especially useful for an onboarding checklist since a new developer may not have/or know how to get Confluence credentials early on in the onboarding process.

I’d like feedback from NCSA (@wglick and others) on what aspects of their pages in the existing DM Developer Guide is considered sensitive in nature. Is it that you don’t want server addresses publicized?

If it is critical to have login-protection for NCSA server documentation, a way forward would be for me to provide a landing page in the new Sphinx-based Developer Guide that indexes NCSA’s pages on Confluence so that developers can easily discover what documentation exists for NCSA services. The NCSA pages would be the only Developer Guide pages that remain in Confluence.

Can you provide URLs for the specific current pages you’re referring to? I’m not finding them in the list of subpages under

I think we can provide a less comprehensive list of servers, etc that would be fine for anonymous viewing. I’m not sure we need to list all resources at NCSA, but rather a few that new users need to know about.

These are pages that are locked down at the moment

The page on is openly viewable, however.

The Nebula OpenStack Issues also likely belongs in confluence as a collaborative document.

Here are my thoughts on these pages’ availability: