New Firefly API links

(Tatiana Goldina) #1

The Firefly repository is
Caltech-IPAC/firefly on GitHub

API documentation is linked from the first page README.

The standalone firefly with embedded tomcat server is in

Assuming the tomcat server is running locally on port 8080,

http://localhost:8080/firefly - brings the front page
http://localhost:8080/firefly/demo/ffapi-2images.html - basic example demonstrating how to work with images, show the regions, and track the mouse via API
http://localhost:8080/firefly/demo/ffapi-highlevel-test.html - much less tidy but more complete showcase of current API functions

NOTE: Please, note the change fftools->firefly

2016_08_26 visualization meeting
2016_10_14 visualization meeting
2016_09_09 visualization meeting
2016_09_09 visualization meeting
(Tatiana Goldina) #2

@tony_johnson - Firefly master branch is updated and the new version is released today. You might want to rebuild Firefly at SLAC. See Caltech-IPAC/firefly on GitHub.

(Tony Johnson) #3

I think it is updated,

(Tatiana Goldina) #4

Yes, it’s updated. @jbpagliuco you can see both demo pages now:

and here is the one for overlapping histograms: