New Observing Cadences available

The standard “Tier 1” observing cadences, a set first run for the August 2015 All Hands Meeting, have been regenerated (and some additional runs created) using Opsim v3.3.5.
The runs are listed, along with download links, here:

These runs have been available for a few months, but their availability and the updates have not been widely announced.
Changes between opsim v3.3.2 (the 2015 runs) and v3.3.5 include:

  • schema changes to the seeing column (more information available at the link above)
  • updates in the calculation of the m5 values, to better match updated estimates of the performance of the LSST optical system
  • a change in the starting year of opsim, to 2022 (v3.3.2 used a generic time of 1993)

minion_1016 is expected to become the new standard LSST baseline/reference run.