PCW 2023 session: Rubin tools applied to DECam (and other precursor data sets)

Hi all,

Just wanted to advertise what I think will be a very interesting session during the PCW next week, “Rubin tools applied to DECam (and other precursor data sets)”:

This session is scheduled for Thursday 8/10 from 2pm-3:30pm PDT, in the “Sabino” room. The above hyperlink contains the session abstract and agenda, which I’ve also placed below:

We will discuss the application of Rubin data reduction tools, particularly the data management pipelines, to community scientific data sets collected on other wide-field imaging instruments such as DECam and HSC. This session will include invited talks by Project and community members, and conclude with a group discussion. An envisioned outcome of this session is a synthesis of lessons learned and the exchange of ideas about future plans for applications of the LSST pipelines to precursor data sets.


  • Shenming Fu (NOIRLab) - LoVoCCS and DECam multi-messenger astrophysics pipelines (15 minutes)
  • Yusra AlSayyad (Princeton) - Pipelines Algorithm/Development Perspective on Precursor Data (15 minutes)
  • Meredith Rawls (UW) - DECam processing with ApPipe (15 minutes)
  • Lee Kelvin (Princeton) - Merian reductions with the LSST pipelines (15 minutes)
  • group discussion (30 minutes)

Hope to see you there!

Thanks to all who presented, attended, and joined in the discussion earlier today! All slide decks have now been uploaded in PDF format at: