PhoSim v4.0 released

The Photon Simulator (PhoSim) version 4.0 is complete. PhoSim is a fast ab initio detailed physics Monte Carlo code that propagates light through the atmosphere, telescope, and detector systems. This particular version includes a large number of new features. There is a new GUI that you can get running by simply doing:


There is also now a drastically simplified catalog interface, simple catalog generators, and a wide-range of physics improvements.

Full details of the announcement and the code can be found here:



v4.0.2 patch is available. this fixes a dispersion error at low altitude, unnecessary printing when dust is used, and an error when OPDs are simulated at non-zero pointing positions.

v4.0.1 also improves multithreading performance.

v4.0.3 available. fixes error in wavefront sensor segmentation and adds LST/HA to image header.