PhoSim v5.0 Completed

The Photon Simulation (PhoSim) version 5.0 is complete. PhoSim is a very fast ab initio physics simulator of light through the atmosphere, telescope, and camera.

The new version adds a significant new capability to perform detailed optics deformation simulations from thermal and mechanical forces and couple it directly to the photon light simulation. This then predicts PSF and astrometric patterns in detail related directly to the telescope environment. There are a number of other improvements including a significant expansion to the GUI released in v4.0. Please follow the links below to obtain PhoSim and read about more details.

See the mirror simulation here:

Compiler flag error was just fixed in v5.0.2

Seg fault error was just fixed in v5.0.3

WCS error in rotated and offset chips was fixed in v5.0.4

Condor file submission error was fixed in v5.0.5