PhoSim v5.1: Make your own data challenge and many other features

The Photon Simulation (PhoSim) version 5.1 is complete. PhoSim is a very fast ab initio physics simulator of light through the atmosphere, telescope, and camera.

In this version if you use PhoSim’s internal catalog generator to make stars and galaxies, those objects are now repeatable. This means that you can generate a series of images at different times and different configurations (filter, airmass, etc.) and the same stars & galaxies with the same properties will appear on all images. This can all be done with just 6 commands! There are also improvements to background speed and further refinement to the opto-mechanical physics introduced in v5.0.

See the details at the links below with lots of new and updated documentation:

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v5.1.5 is now released