Photo-z’s in two Rubin LSST DDFs

Hi. We recently measured photometric redshifts for 1.6 million sources in two LSST DDFs (W-CDF-S and ELAIS-S1) based on forced photometry, as presented in [2103.13417] Photometric Redshifts in the W-CDF-S and ELAIS-S1 Fields Based on Forced Photometry from 0.36 -- 4.5 Microns.
This might be useful. Thanks!

A few additional notes:
We used the forced photometry in ~16 bands to derive the photo-zs. The method is based on a template-fitting method (with the EAZY code), and the forced photometry does improve the photo-z results. However, the overall photo-z quality decreases when i-band magnitude > 24.
I think this catalog may be useful as an external dataset. This may help train and validate possible photo-z estimators (e.g., those based on machine learning).
Also, we hope that this catalog can add legacy values and provide reliable redshifts for future sciences focusing on these two DDFs.