Planned AGN SC cadence white papers

A comment from the cadence session yesterday was that it is hard to consider joining forces with other groups if you don’t know who is planning what. So, here is a quick summary of three cadence white papers that members of the AGN SC are currently considering.

“AGN Science in the LSST DDFs” (W.N. Brandt)
The main goal of this would be to state the needed total DDF exposures and needed DDF cadences for strong AGN studies. Some drivers here include SDSS-V/4MOST reverberation mapping, photometric reverberation mapping, and SMBH transient phenomena.

“LSST Rolling Cadence Optimized for AGN Science” (G.T. Richards)
The main goal is to explore what rolling cadence choices would work well/acceptably for AGN science in WFD (in terms of identifying AGNs as variable sources).

“Twilight Survey at Large Airmass” (G.T. Richards)
The main goal is to investigate the benefits to photo-z of a twilight survey in the g-band at large airmass, levering the effect of differential chromatic refraction. See

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