Please turn off "It's been a while ..." decorations on posts

Please turn off the “It’s been a while…” type marking of posts. It’s unfriendly and discouraging. E.g., on

in between the title and the key part of posts Community inserts:
“It’s been a while since we’ve seen bechtol — their last post was 5 months ago.”

[This happens in the full post, not the preview that gets inserted immediately above here in this current post.]

This message seems to imply that bechtol has done something wrong and doesn’t add any useful information to the post.

I’ll see what I can do. Thanks!

I agree with this request, thanks @mwv!

@jsick looks like a function that can be changed in the theme?

For now, I’ve just changed the returning period to 15 years. This Discourse feature is great in a lot of forums, but you’re right that it doesn’t work so well for Rubin at the moment.

It seems there’s some caching that may prevent the change from being visible on existing posts immediately. If it doesn’t clear in a day or two I’ll release a new theme update.

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Great, thank you.

The “It’s been a while…” message is still visible on the example post for this thread. @jsick could you take another look on how to clear this?