Poll: Timeslot for current-infrastructure meeting

Hello everyone-

I have initiated a poll in order to find a suitable time slot for the bi weekly meeting that covers current DM infrastructure at NCSA. If you are interested in this topic and plan to attend regularly, please take a moment and help us find a good time slot. Everyone is free to attend when a topic of interest is posted.

Doodle Poll

Upcoming topics:

  • FY16 Deployment Status Update(s)
  • Transition to GPFS (file system structure)
  • ‘Beta’ tests of new services before general release
  • QServ / SUI / IAM integration environment planning
  • Account policy changes (as necessary)
  • Service changes (new and retiring)
  • Nebula expansion
  • Other topics of interest as they become relevant
  • Verification cluster planning
  • ‘Other’ batch system(s) infrastructure

Poll will terminate on Friday.

Can I confirm the Doodle Poll is in Project Time? (Doodle doesn’t think so)

The doodle poll seems to be time zone aware. It knows it was created in central time and that I’m looking at it in mountain time so I don’t think there is an issue.

The doodle poll has terminated. It is unanimous, the “current-infrastructure” meetings will be bi weekly on Fridays 1-2PM PT / 3-4PM CT starting next week. Thanks for participating. Again, all are welcome to attend the meetings.