Possibly bitrotted coadd names

On DM-7049, @pgee is doing a bit of cleanup of the mapper dataset definitions (though by no means the full cleanup that’s needed). One question that’s come up is how much we care about coadd names other than “deep”, such as “goodSeeing” or “chiSquared”. On the HSC side, we’ve basically been ignoring everything but “deep” for a while, so the best way to come up with good definitions for “goodSeeing”, at least, would be to delete the ones we have and replicate the “deep” ones.

Is anyone currently using the “goodSeeing” or “chiSquared” datasets? Would there be any objections if we removed these from mappers until we can come up with a better way to express coadd variances? I suspect any definitions we have for those in the mappers now are at best incomplete.

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