Primer on the MAF

Martin Donachie, from the University of Auckland, NZ, has prepared an excellent Jupyter notebook introduction to the MAF software stack which is a great resource for anyone approaching the software for the first time. He has kindly agreed to sharing it here: MAF-primer.ipynb (1.2 MB)

Sorry Rachel – that’s an old, incomplete version I must have sent through by mistake.

Here is the current version of the primer: MAF-primer.ipynb (1.2 MB)

Nice notebook! I look forward to seeing what you may write about summary metrics and maybe stackers.

If I may make some comments about the installation section …

  • I’d recommend installing from the MAF instructions (the MAF + catalogs page) only, and not specifically calling out the LSST Science Pipelines installation instructions. The science pipeline instructions are actually included in the MAF instructions, and if you follow the Science Pipelines instructions and install a different version of the packages, you will end up having to reinstall the version that has been built against the MAF and simulations packages. (… I know, sorry … we don’t control the installation procedure, and hopefully the installation of simulations & MAF will be more homogeneous with the rest of the LSST DM software in the future).
  • Conda installations of the software will not be supported going forward, for either the LSST science pipelines OR for the maf software. (again … sorry … but the good news is there is a binary install for the entire stack coming shortly).
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