Proper citations & version for CatSim database

(Lundmb) #1

I’m working on a paper that has used some objects that came from the CatSim database. I’m curious, though, about a few points of how it should be cited. I’ve cited the papers that are used to simulate the objects I’m interested in, but is there a preferred citation for CatSim and/or a version for the database that’s hosted at UW?

@danielsf you’d provided very helpful support in accessing it in the first place, so bringing this to your attention here in particular.

(Scott Daniel) #2

I think the papers that should be cited if you used CatSim are:

Connolly et al. 2010 (

Connolly et al. 2014 (

(Lynne Jones) #3

Note that there are further instructions/information on citing LSST simulations products at
but I think @danielsf has got you the right two references above (the papers listed in that github repo only include the most recent … it seems like we need to extend it to include relevant older papers too).

(Lundmb) #4

@danielsf thanks for those citations.

@ljones thanks for bringing that github to my attention, I wasn’t aware that existed and definitely makes things easier