Python 3 port update: lsst_ci now works

The porting of the Data Management code to support Python 3 was started last summer and I can report that it is now possible to build and run lsst_ci, the stack demo, and lsst_distrib (which includes lsst_apps) in a Python 3 environment.

This means that you can now submit Python 3 Jenkins jobs of a Pipelines package and allow the demo to run.

For maximal testing of the Python 3 build situation, the lsst_py3 package can still be used to build everything that we think builds using Python 3. This includes lsst_ci and lsst_distrib as well as a few additional packages.

Note that dax, Qserv and Sims packages (lsst_sims) do not yet work with Python 3.


I believe that a Python 2.7 installation is required to actually build the stack from source.

Yes, that has always been the case. The problem being that scons requires python 2.7.