PZ Commissioning Team meeting summaries

This topic thread is for meeting summaries of the “Photo-z Commissioning Team”. Members of this team are working with the Rubin Observatory commissioning effort under an MOU (see SITCOMTN-010 for more information).

As described in the Forum topic “Rubin Commissioning and the Photo-z Validation Cooperative”, this is the team that will take the lead on guiding implementation and performing early science validation for the shortlisted PZ estimators with the unreleased commissioning data, which will help the science community make use of Data Previews 1 and 2 during the Photo-z Validation Cooperative phase of the “Roadmap to Photo-z for the LSST Object Catalog”.

The team wants to keep any interested parties in the broader science community informed of their ongoing work, so updates will periodically be posted here in the Rubin Community Forum.

Tue Nov 8, 2022

Attending: Melissa Graham, Markus Rau, John Franklin Crenshaw, Julia Gschwend, Nacho Sevilla, Sam Schmidt, Alex Malz, Bryce Kalmbach, Shahab Joudaki, Eric Charles, Drew Oldag


  1. Round table of introductions

  2. Review the PZ Commissioning Team MOU

  3. Timeline for commissioning and data previews

  4. Review of the PZ Roadmap and Letters of Recommendation
    a. Discussed potentially adding FlexZBoost, for which an LoR was not submitted.
    b. Discussed how the team may need to prioritize RAIL-compatible codes.

  5. PZ Server, Julia Gschwend
    a. Currently in development at LineA, it is a community resource for photo-z validation.
    b. The team is invited to have user accounts and test the tutorials.