Quantum Graph Changes (Upgrade your non working graph)

I recently merged a ticket which changes a lot of internal representations for quantum graphs. This change is in main as of 12-12-21 and will be part of weekly 51. A side effect of this is that any existing graphs will need to be read in (which upgrades them) and re-saved in order to use them. This does not affect any new graphs created, those will work exactly as you are used to. This message is mainly for people who have existing graphs used with BPS who might not want to go through the process of regeneration. If this applies to you, please run the following in a python shell:

from lsst.daf.butler import DimensionUniverse
from lsst.pipe.base import QuantumGraph
graph = graph.loadUri('<PATH_TO_YOUR_GRAPH>', universe=DimensionUniverse(), minimumVersion=2)

Now your graph can be used with bps or any other middleware tools.