Querying a butler for all instances of a data type

I think I have found a solution that will work for me for now, but it would be better if I knew of some ‘official’ way of doing this. From a repository that exists only on the filesystem (aka has not been registered) is there any way for the butler to tell me all the dataIds which correspond to a particular data type i.e. calexp.

@npease is on vacation (and apparently doesn’t have an account here). I think (but have not yet confirmed) that you should be able to do a butler.subset("calexp") in the absence of a registry.sqlite3 file using any version of daf_butlerUtils after b03e3 (Nov 25).

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butler.subset sounds like the right thing for your use case. As KT pointed out I’m on PTO, thru the end of the week and I can’t spend much time on this, but I can look into it next week if you can’t make it work. (and FWIW I do have a CLO account and check it pretty regularly).