Question about list of opsim runs

I was looking at the list of opsim runs and downloading each of the databases. I noticed that there are some repeats in the table (.e.g. baseline2018a, kraken_2026 , colossus_2665 ). What is the a specific reason for that? It looks like the comparison summary database changed/is different between the two entries , but not the actual opsim output? Is that correct?


IHHi Meg,

Yes - each line shows a given maf output set, so sometimes there are Opsim names which show up more than once but with different metric analysis results. In the cases you noticed, the first set of maf outputs are without dithering while the second set of metrics were calculated after adding a dithering afterburner. Because the Opsim run itself is the same, the Opsim databases are the same in each case, although the maf resultsDb SQLite databases are different. The “maf comment” entry describes the metrics that were run and adds the note about dithering.