Reference catalog notes

Here are a few notes about astrometry/photometry reference catalogs:

  • If you’re using the sdss-dr9-fink-v5b catalog (SDSS DR9 with photometric corrections by Doug Finkbeiner), there is a paper you can reference: Hypercalibration: A Pan-STARRS1-based recalibration of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I’m not sure if v5b is the absolute-latest and best version of Doug’s recalibration, but I trust it’s close. I’m not sure it fixes those notorious 3 bad fields in Cosmos though… If you’re not using this, you can get it from /lsst7/astrometry_net_data/sdss-dr9-fink-v5b.
  • Once we’re ready with the new reference catalog format, I hope to move the sdss-dr9-fink-v5b catalog into that format and make it generally available.
  • I understand the Pan-STARRS1 team now have the PV3 3pi catalog calibrated, and are getting ready to stuff it in the database. I hope this means that the data will be public soon (for some value of “soon”…). Once it is, I hope to stuff it into the new format and release it for use.

Ken Chambers told me:

So public release sometime in June? Could slip weeks for various reasons, but we are really over the hump and it is imminent

From STScI MAST news:

At this time, the 1.5PB of image data has been processed and then transferred to MAST by physically shipping the disk arrays. The final catalog database is being constructed incrementally and each increment is being copied via sftp to MAST. Since the estimated final database size is approximately 125TB, this transfer is expected to take 2-3 months to both copy and bring on-line here at STScI. A decision on the final release date will be made sometime during this transfer of data.

Thanks @price!

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The latest from the Pan-STARRS team:

… DR1 [contains the] “static sky” tables and stacked images. … DR1 will be released to the public on Dec 16.
There will be a subsequent scheduled release, DR2, of the full 3pi survey, including all the time domain data, to be available from STScI… The public release of DR2 is scheduled for May 12, 2017.
We expect other releases with the Medium Deep data, difference image data, Gaia astrometry, and photo-zs from the Photo-Classification Server on a schedule to be released later.

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@price, thanks! Is this internal info a birdie told you, or are you copying it from a more public source?

It was announced on the PS1 Science Consortium mailing list.

The Pan-STARRS1 DR1 data is now available from : 10,723,304,629 objects, 18 TB compressed.

To support the release, some proto-papers have been posted to the arXiv with explanations of the survey, data processing and database: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. These will be revised and expanded before formal submission to a journal.

I hope to put together a reference catalog from the DR1 data, but am waiting for STScI to implement some bulk download capability.


@price, is there a way to download the whole thing in bulk (I’m interested in the catalogs).

STScI is working on their bulk download capability. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

PS1SC members can download the DVO database from which the STScI database was loaded; contact me offline for details.