Reminder - Verification datasets meeting, Wednesday Apr 27, 10-11 PT

A reminder that there will be a verification dataset meeting tomorrow morning, Wednesday, Apr. 27, 10-11am PT.

Here’s the short URL to join the Blue Jeans meeting:
and here’s the full URL in case is down:

Updates can be accessed from the Verification datasets confluence page and subpages (or reply to this post with other links).

-Updates on running stack on verification datasets

MWV update:

I’ve added to validate_drp fitting to the expected analytic forms of the photometric and astrometric uncertainty. These are now presented in an updated technical notes that presents validate_drp

These fits were added following prompting by Željko and following the relationships laid out in the LSST Overview paper.

These fits are displayed on the plots, but more importantly are persisted as JSON files, ready for ingest into whatever system would like them.

Can you update the publication date in DMTN-008?

@timj Thank you. Done.

@jsick It’s confusing to have to remember to update the date in the metadata.yaml file, when the revision history itself provides the last-updated date.

Date of most recent commit is not necessarily date of most recent change to the document. You could in theory look for changes to rst files but that’s not going to be bullet proof. It’ll probably be right 90% of the time though…

Hi @mwv, you’re of course right. The reason it is that the Technote platform as it exists now was created as a minimum viable product. Could I make an entire technical documentation platform without spending a significant number of story points? The answer is that we could, but it requires some amount of shared effort from users in the beginning to help the system overcome its UX issues and lack of automation. The alternative is that new platforms be over-engineered, delaying their introduction to the rest of DM, but creating a smoother initial experience. Arguably we’ve also, even simultaneously, been accused of this.

And specifically, the reason the date is embedded in metadata YAML is so that value is preserved even when the document is extracted from its Git context (i.e., when archived to Zenodo). But that’s not to say this shouldn’t be automated.

The good news is that I’m highly aware of all these rough UX issues. I think that in Fall 2016 I can justify an epic to work on this. The provisional Fall 2016 epic is DM-5644. You can create tickets in that Epic, but I’d recommend you wait a week or so for me to write a Technote Roadmap post here on Community where I outline what’s in the pipeline for the platform.

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