Reminder - Verification datasets meeting, Wednesday Feb 17, 10-11 PT

A reminder that there will be a verification dataset meeting tomorrow morning, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 10-11am PT (11am Tucson time).

Here’s the short URL to join the Blue Jeans meeting:
and here’s the full URL in case is down:

Updates can be accessed from the Verification datasets confluence page
Verification Datasets confluence page and subpages (or reply to this post with other links).

-Updates on running stack on verification datasets

I’ve started writing up the status and progress of validate_drp as a Tech Note:

for details. In brief, runs on CFHT, DECam, SDSS, and HSC data and calculates photometric and astrometric Key Performance metrics from the LSST SRD. Results are saved as JSON files and plots.

With DM-5120 (+ DM-5121) runs on a semi-arbitrary repo and analyzes each filter.