Removing or replacing Firefly readout component

I am not sure how to remove the readout component completely, but to replace it you can use firefly.util.image.initAutoReadout(readoutComponent, props). To see how to use it, search for initAutoReadout in Javascript Firefly API doc.

I tried firefly.util.image.initAutoReadout(props => null) to see if it will remove the component completely, but I still see an empty closable popup, when the mouse is over an image. Maybe Trey @roby has more info on how to remove the readout component completely.

This thread has information on how to replace or remove readout component in the top right corner. @weiren2, please check it out.

I found out there is a hacky way to completely disable the pop up panel (and the close button). I used css property display since firefly does not set or override it.

    display: none;