Report on the Fall 2020 state of the LSST Science Pipelines’ ability to process deep images in the galactic bulge

I would like to advertise a new technote DMTN-171 we have prepared reporting on the current state of the Science Pipelines’ ability to process crowded field data, up to densities of 500,000 sources per square degree. We describe the changes that were required in order to perform each stage of the pipeline, and assess the quality of the results, which are promising. Feedback from the community is welcome!


Thanks for the update. This looks like real progress. Several SMWLV folks discussed the tech note in the context of prior performance on DECam bulge images. The prior work suggests improving the cross match performance should be straightforward. If you want to discuss what has been done, let us know (@rblum5 @nidever @knutago @willclarkson Abi Saha).

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Hi Bob, I would be happy to chat about the results from the technote, and prior work. I’ll reach out over Slack to see if we can find a time to get together to talk.

Sounds good Ian.