Roman Space Telescope Early-Definition Astrophysics Survey Option

In case anyone hasn’t seen this announcement from the Roman Observatory. This is yet another opportunity to consider Roman & Rubin synergies. Responses due October 22.

The Roman Project is seeking community input on the option to pre-select one Astrophysics Survey nominally to be executed within the first two years of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope mission, and using up to ~700 hours of wall clock time. This would be in addition to the Core Community Surveys already being planned for the mission, and would be part of the overall time set aside for Astrophysics Surveys. The survey and the investigations it enables must be scientifically compelling, and be significantly enhanced by specific preparatory activities that are enabled by early selection and definition.

For full details on this Request for Information, please visit the webpage:

That page provides context on the Roman mission, criteria for this particular survey option, submission instructions with an accompanying response template, and links to further information about the Roman mission, its science opportunities, and technical background information.

Opinions and survey concepts for consideration are solicited by October 22, 2021, 8PM EDT, and should be submitted via email to

For specific questions related to a submission, email both and, with subject line: “Roman Early-Definition Astrophysics Survey question”.