Rubin Observatory SIT-Com Onboarding and Next Steps for In-kind Contributors

Today Rubin Observatory sent an email with information about the onboarding process and next steps for in-kind groups that are contributing to Rubin Observatory Systems Integration and Commissioning (SIT-Com) efforts. We contacted groups participating in the

  • US/Chile Commissioning Announcement of Opportunity Program and
  • International In-Kind Contribution Program where the recipient group is the “Rubin Commissioning Team”.

The email was sent to the designated point of contact for each in-kind contributing group meeting the criteria above with instructions to forward the information to the other participants in the group.

We are currently collecting information from individual participants to create basic Rubin Observatory accounts, provide access to communication tools, and create computing accounts. We will also use this information to create accounts on compute clusters for software and data analysis contributions. Since we are asking that the individual participants provide their own information, please connect with the point of contact for your group to ensure that your information in provided. We are planning do a first round of account creation after 15 June.

Hi @bechtol, good news about progress with the in-kind commissioning contributions from the US/Chile and international partners.

Can you please make a slight amendment to your post for clarity: when you mention “International In-Kind Contribution Program” please make a clear distinction that this post is for groups making In-kind contributions to Commissioning (i.e. those where the recipient is the commissioning team). As it reads now, it sounds like your message refers to all in-kind contributors/contributions. As the In-kind program is much larger than commissioning, without this distinction the post could be confusing.

Thank you for this clarification @aprajita. Indeed, it was our intention that the message is specific to the International In-Kind Contribution Program groups that have Rubin Commissioning Team as the recipient. My apologies if the original post was unclear on this point. I have attempted to edit the post to address this point.

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